Chloé, France

Best experience ever! I was looking for an internship in Canada (I am from France) about three years ago and found Stepwest. I received an immediate response. The patience and kindness of the staff is astonishing. I’ve asked probably a million questions as going to Canada to do an internship was a big step for me. They always answered in the shortest time possible, and helped me during the entire process, from the interview with the host companies to the visa application and finding an accommodation.
Doing that internship in Vancouver was probably the best decision I have ever made. I learnt so much, both on a professional point of view but also on a personal one. I discovered a new culture and travelled to amazing places such as the Rockies.
Since I did my internship I finished my master degree, and I have now been employed in the company I did the internship in, and I couldn’t been happier.
I could only recommend Stepwest, as I wouldn’t be where I am without them.